Independent Horror Movie Awards: Nominee „Best Actress“

Maya Schenk is nominated at the Independent Horror Movie Awards 2015 as best actress for her role as Marla Singer in BEYOND THE BRIDGE.

The Independent Horror Movie Awards are taking place each second month of a year and are awarded on their website www.horrormovieawards.com. The hosts want to help promote the criminally overlooked but creatively fertile field of indie horror by singling out top notch work with a wide variety of awards. BEYOND THE BRIDGE was submitted for the awards in december 2015 and got a nomination for Maya Schenk as Marla Singer in the category „Best Actress“.

Maya Schenk:

I’m glad about the appreciation for my performance as Marla Singer. It was the first time I got the main part of a feature filme and I hope there are some more chances to proof my skills on acting.