Interview-Clips ansehen

DPS und seine Schwester Maya Schenk beantworten in 29 kurzen Interviewclips die wichtigsten Fragen zu BEYOND THE BRIDGE. 

Übersicht der Fragen:

  1. What is the film about?
  2. Could you tell us a little bit about the music?
  3. When and how did the project start?
  4. What's Erics character like?
  5. Why the name Marla Singer?
  6. Daniel and Maya about the collaboration with Eleanor Buechler
  7. Where there any major inspirations for the movie?
  8. Talk about Silent Hill and Gaming influences
  9. What's Jeans character like?
  10. What's Marlas character like?
  11. What was it like to impersonate Marla?
  12. Why did you write the film in english?
  13. How did you come up with the story?
  14. Why did you choose your sister for the main part?
  15. Was this your first creative collaboration?
  16. What was the crew like?
  17. Was it physically challenging?
  18. Is Beyond the Bridge a typical horror film?
  19. Are there any special exciting moments?
  20. Daniel and Maya about the influences the lack of money had
  21. Daniel and Maya about the collaboration with Thomas Koch
  22. Daniel and Maya about the collaboration with Jean-Noel Molinier
  23. Was it though to seperate private and professionel?
  24. Are you planning another collaboration?
  25. What was the single most expensive part?
  26. Robert Staffl talks about the movie
  27. Why did the production take so long?
  28. Why a horror movie after your gaming flicks?
  29. Does the movie convey a certain moral?

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